The Batman: 7 Reasons George Miller Must Replace Ben Affleck

What this crisis needs is a genius lunatic...


Warner Bros are facing a crisis - seemingly of their own making - on The Batman. They had the perfect director in Ben Affleck and they should have given him the resources and the time he needed to make a project worthy of his and the character's billing. He seemed to be publicly asking for that allowance, while ominously threatening to leave if the project didn't match up to his exacting standards.

And now that's gone and bloody well happened.

If the studio want to pull back some of the bad publicity (and they've become masters of doing that recently), they need to act quickly and with purpose to hire a director who will excite fans as much as Affleck did.

Assuming Christopher Nolan is unavailable, the options are pretty broad: they could go for a David Fincher or a Kevin Smith (depending on the direction they want to go), or they could listen to fans and try for Joss Whedon... But none of them would be the best option.

George Miller has already been talked about as a potential DCEU director (and as a producer, actually) and he would be the kind of statement hire who would definitely easy the transition away from Ben Affleck.

Here's why the Mad Max: Fury Road director needs to be the one to step into Ben Affleck's shoes...


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