The Batman: Dream Casting Matt Reeves' Trilogy

Mister Freeze please. And NO cold puns.

Mr Freeze

With a new addition at the Batman cinematic experience set to hit cinema screens (hopefully) next year, the anticipation has been building massively to see who will be cast and who will they play.

Already a long list of key figures of the Batman universe has been confirmed, including the titular Caped Crusader, Commissioner Gordon and the trusted butler Alfred Pennyworth. As exciting as these characters are, it's the villains and ancillary characters that are really interesting.

Zoe Kravitz has been cast to play Catwoman, Colin Farrell as The Penguin and Paul Dano as The Riddler (which could be the secret standout of the film). Other casting confirmations have hinted at a possible Two-Face lingering in the background, and with a planned trilogy in the pipeline, it's anyone's guess on who else could make an appearance.

It's worth considering the fact that The Batman will feature a much younger interpretation of The Dark Knight given the noticeably youngish cast. And while we're just speculating, will The Batman lean into the supernatural and mystical or stay grounded in reality?

Both these points are factored in guessing how and who could make an appearance in the films to come.

Until the names are confirmed, let's take a run at fan-casting and what-could-be's for the new trilogy. Here are 10 characters who could/should make an appearance, and who would be ideal to play them.

10. Solomon Grundy - Michael Shannon

Mr Freeze
Fox Searchlight

If you were to ask the man on the street to name five Batman villains, it would be fair to say that Solomon Grundy might not make many lists.

While not a particularly well-known or even recognised villain, but Solomon Grundy provides comic book readers (and potential movie audiences) a potential glimpse into the mystics around the DC Universe canon.

Solomon Grundy isn't a villain who could take centre-stage as an antagonist, and probably has more clout as a henchman or side-villain. However, his roster of super-powers and history with fighting superheroes could make for a few interesting and entertaining fight sequences.

Let's talk about casting this big nursery-rhyme zombie! Michael Shannon had his run at superhero movies before; playing General Zod in Man of Steel. He's a tall, imposing figure who even at his friendliest (in interviews) comes off as terrifying. Playing an undead muscle-man might be the best casting choice since Danny DeVito as The Penguin.

No disrespect to Michael Shannon! The man is an incredible actor, who was under-utilised in Man of Steel. His ability to turn himself into a rage-monster - not unlike his character in Boardwalk Empire - is exactly what's needed for a live-action Solomon Grundy.


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