The Batman: Every Rumour You Need To Know

12. It Could Take Inspiration From The Long Halloween

Batman The Long Halloween Cover
DC Comics/Tim Sale

Soon after Matt Reeves was handed the job for The Batman, attention quickly shifted to what kind of story the director was looking to tell. It was rumoured for a while that it would focus on a younger Batman, but fans had no idea what kind of comics Reeves was taking inspiration from.

That was, until he let it slip after a fan asked that very question over on Twitter.

Longtime readers will no doubt recognise some of the stories mentioned above, among them Ego and the work of Neal Adams and Bill Finger. However, the first three selections - Year One, The Long Halloween and Dark Victory - all point towards a story about a Batman at the beginning of his career, and rumours since have indicated Reeves will be taking inspiration from one story in particular.

According to Kevin Smith, Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's The Long Halloween is the main source of inspiration for The Batman. Granted that very same book inspired elements of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight, but given other rumours, it may just be that Reeves won't stop there when it comes to adapting Loeb and Sale's work...

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