The Batman: Every Rumoured Affleck Replacement Ranked

7. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck Batman
Warner Bros.

Rumour Source: Various

Despite the merry dance that's gone on for months, there's still no concrete confirmation that Ben Affleck won't be the guy under the cowl for Matt Reeves' film. That would obviously mean a defiance of several of the more popular rumours that have come out of early production, including Reeves' apparent desire for a younger lead, but stranger things have happened. It's not like most rumours even end up being close to the truth these days.

If we were to get Batman v Superman's Batfleck rather than the diluted version we got in Justice League, it wouldn't be a bad thing, but Warner Bros keeping him in the role isn't the best look generally anyway. The story of production so far has been defined by the perception that he doesn't want to be there (rightly or wrongly) and to address that with him still in the role would take more marketing than should be necessary.

It's time to move on, in other words.

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