The Bourne Legacy Teaser Trailer & New Poster

New actor, same bad-ass action...

Universal Pictures have granted us the first look teaser trailer for The Bourne Legacy, the fourth film in Robert Ludlum big screen spy franchise and one that signals a new direction now that Jeremy Renner is in the lead role. You can watch the trailer below, accompanied by the now slightly tiresome Inception like DUMMMM, DUMMMM beats... Directed by 'the narrative architect behind the Bourne film series' Tony Gilroy, who penned early drafts of all the Bourne films, the trailer does well in explaining that this is the same universe that featured Matt Damon's Jason Bourne but is now telling another story with a new character, Aaron Cross. The typical Gilroy throwback to a 70's aesthetic is clear, this feels like a production Steve McQueen might have been involved in four decades ago. Gone is the shake-cam style of Paul Greengrass, replaced by a less frantic narrative and more time dedicated to story, back-story and character. Edward Norton, Albert Finney, Joan Allen, Scott Glenn and David Strathairn all give Aaron Cross the introductory Treadstone welcome (aka grilling) but right now the trailer hasn't yet shown us the deeper aspects of what is at stake here, and neither reveals of Rachel Weisz or Oscar Isaac who have big roles in this one. Though there is most certainly enough shown to peak our already high interest. What about you? The Bourne Legacy is coming August 3rd (US) and August 15th (UK).
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