The Dark is Rising is a copy of The Matrix???

Ok, so I'll admit I've never read a single word of the Susan Cooper fantasy adventure series upon which The Dark is Rising is based but from the looks of the newly released trailer, it's a blatant copy of The Matrix. I'm not saying the book is but the film blatanly is. Just look at the scene where the kid is taken out of his environment and into an interrogation room where unnatural things occur and they question him about a supposed misdemeanor. Just look at the references to this kid being "the one". Ian McShane is playing the "Morpheus" character who guides the kid on this quest and shows him the way. His friends decide to jump to the other world to help fight off the bad guys although it probably means certain death, just like Trinity in The Matrix. And what about the exaggerated leaps when hit? This movie looks like a big dud to me. It looks uninteresting with the most conventional fantasy story known to man and that poor kid Gregory Smith really doesn't look like he can act. Is this the Eragon of 2007? The Dark is Rising is released in October from director David L. Cunningham. source - coming soon

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