The Dark Knight Or Joker Quiz: Which Joker Said It, Heath Ledger Or Joaquin Phoenix?

How well do you really know the Clown Prince of Crime?

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Fresh off the heels of his Golden Globe award for best actor, Joaquin Phoenix has solidified what most people thought was impossible – he gave Heath Ledger a run for his money in the iconic Joker role.

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Joker portrayed by Heath Ledger became the yard stick for method acting madness as he delivered one of the most iconic and memorable performance of the modern generation. The unnamed and unbranded version of the Joker caused chaos in Gotham in a bid to topple the barriers between good and evil, and to toy with Batman in the process.

Todd Phillips decided to humanise the Clown Prince of Crime with Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of Arthur Fleck, a small time stand-up comedian with a mental illness. The story follows the origins of Arthur’s transition into Joker as he turns against the society that takes advantage of people just like him.

Phoenix’s Joker has been so successful beacuse of the unique approach to the character not seen before, rather than simply trying to emulate Ledger’s performance and cover it in ‘bling’ - sorry Jared.

Both performances have gone down in villaian infamy with fans split down the middle as to which iteration is the best, The Dark Knight or Joker. Frankly, there are now two epic versions of the character, so it is a win-win situation.

How well do you really know Gotham’s nemesis? Can you tell each Joker apart from their quotes alone?

Answers at the end!

1. “Smile, Because It Confuses People”

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