The Dark Knight Quiz: Who Said It, Bruce Wayne Or The Joker?

Why. So. Serious?

Warner Bros.

One of the most iconic films of the 21st century, The Dark Knight dives deep into the murky underbelly of Gotham. Heath Ledger’s Joker needs no introduction as his portrayal is as mesmerising as it is genuinely disturbing.

The Joker is the Yin to Batman’s Yang, and never has there been a more fascinating hero/ villain context to a film, some even interpret a level of mutual respect between the two.

There is a somewhat oxymoronic feeling to both The Joker and Batman’s approaches in the The Dark Knight, as taken out of context, their motives and conceptual process aren’t too dissimilar. The Joker aims to liberate Gotham to the chaos in an attempt to empower the city to fight and fend for themselves, whereas Batman fights for Gotham in a bid to entrust the infrastructure already in place – a true tale of orders against chaos.

Can you tell the Dark Knight’s quotes from the Clown Prince of Crime’s archaic monologues.

Answers at the end!

1. "Don't Talk Like You're One Of Them! You're Not, Even If You'd Like To Be!"


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