The Dark Knight Returns Animated Voice Cast Announced

The Dark Knight Returns hits DC Animation in two volumes.

The Hollywood Reporter have revealed that none other than Robocop's Peter Weller will be the voice behind old man Batman in the DC Animated adaptation of Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns". Not only that but the release will come in two parts (no, I'm not sure why either), the first arriving in the fall and the second in early 2013. The 15th release in the DC animated line, which so far has been a mixture of great and middling adaptations of classic DC comics stories, also features the voice work of Ariel Winter (Modern Family) as Robin, Wade Williams (Prison Break) as Harvey Dent/Two-Face, and Michael McKean as the psychiatrist Dr. Wolper. There are also a handful of images released, all showing a distinctly un-Dark Knight Return looking sheen but some of the designs seem pretty faithful to the seminal comic book series nonetheless. This project really is a tough one. Of course we all want to see "The Dark Knight Returns" on our screens but this one seemed to deserve more weight behind it and possibly even a theatrical release considering its importance in Bat-lore. Also the two part thing sort of just pisses me off. Why we couldn't have a well paced three hour epic here is beyond me. If splitting it up is for the sake of the kiddlywinks, frankly screw 'em, they shouldn't be watching Dark Knight Returns anyway and if it's just to cash in on the big title to bring in more cash for the semi-popular DC animated line, it seems like a cheeky move from Warner Bros. Plus you know it will be released in a complete set come 2013 anyway. It's all very pointless in my mind but of course I'll be all over it when it arrives, it's Dark Knight Returns for Bats sake! What are your thoughts? Not gritty enough for you liking? Will an animated release do the story justice? Is this enough to fill the gap before Nolan and Co. get paid a bazillion dollars in fifteen years to do the live action version? Your thoughts on this will be most welcome while we wait for a trailer and more preview images.
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