The Dark Knight Rises: 4 Things That Sucked, 2 Things That Ruled

Low Point 3: Bane€™s Voice

It isn€™t that it is incomprehensible, because for a great deal of time it is perfectly audible, it€™s the fact that every sentence Bane speaks feels like he is mocking something. That€™s fine when he€™s throwing about anti-capitalist and establishment statements, it€™s quite enjoyable, but when he€™s trying to make an impact with his grand plans the way the voice is projected sounds like he€™s mocking himself...And let€™s be fair, if I was the heavily built mastermind behind the potential destruction of the world€™s greatest city I would be quite proud of my plans more so than willing to belittle them. At times it comes across like they are trying to make Bane this generations Darth Vader; a faceless horror with a voice that inspires terror. At some points Bane is a real character; at others he sounds like he€™s telling a long winded joke we never get to hear the ending to.

Low Point 4: The Removal Of Alfred

Throughout the trilogy Alfred has been a constant source of gentle comedy and heartfelt emotion; however after the first of what we assume to be many emotional pick me ups, Alfred just disappears. I know, that€™s what he said he would do but still, if he cared about Bruce that much we could have seen him at least taking an interest in the goings on in Gotham as opposed to him just abandoning the situation entirely until the funeral at the end. Where were you Alfred? We wanted someone to share in our emotions but you just left us, like you left Bruce! Pah. Be done with you.

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