THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batcave Housed At Turda Salt Mines, Romania?

Just a rumour but damnit if this salt mine isn't being used as a Batcave, it's a travesty!

this website is just getting picked up by the wider media as it appears to house the interiors of what could be the newly designed Batcave for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. What you are seeing in these images are actually snaps of the Turda Salt Mines in Romania and I can't actually verify the information yet that Warner Bros are shooting some of the Batcave scenes there, but I can tell you it sure as hell looks awesome and should be part of a movie! The facts we do have about the Batcave are three fold; 1) There is a Batcave in The Dark Knight Rises and it will be an enhanced version of what we saw in Batman Begins. 2) The exteriors, including the waterfall, have already been shot on location in Wales. 3) Many interiors will be shot at a Warner Bros soundstage. I presume these images haven't been touched up at all and it's amazing to see just how much it could be used naturally as Batcave, especially with the lightning and depth to it. And as we already know of a new Batwing... wouldn't it be awesome to see it fly down there onto the landing bay? Plus there's plenty of room for a giant arsed dinosaur, if required! More as we get it.

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