The Dark Knight Rises: Marion Cotillard Says She's Not Talia Al Ghul

Actress insists "she's a good guy" in Chris Nolan's third Batman movie. Though we aren't buying it...

Every single Batman fan in the world knew exactly what director Christopher Nolan was up to when he brought over French beauty Marion Cotillard from "Inception" to play an original character named "Miranda Tate", described as "an ecologically minded businesswoman who is fascinated by Wayne Enterprises" in "The Dark Knight Rises". Everyone knew it as soon as the casting went down, this time being much more aware with what the Brit director was planning after the reveal that Liam Neeson's original Batman mentor Henri Ducard became Ra's Al Ghul in "Batman Begins". However despite it being so glaringly obvious as to the deception Nolan was playing on us and despite set images and her costume in the movie blatantly giving away the truth, Cotillard herself has given a rare interview about the forthcoming Batman film to The Hollywood Reporter where she denies she will be playing Talia in "The Dark Knight Rises". Here's how the trade put it;
The actress started filming in June 2011, working on and off until the fall in locations including Los Angeles, New York and Pittsburgh. She says there were long gaps when she wasn€™t needed: €œIt was a very, very small role.€ Otherwise, Cotillard is coy about the , whose storyline has fueled pages of Internet speculation. All she€™ll confirm is that, contrary to some fans€™ belief, she does not play Talia, the vengeful daughter of Liam Neeson€˜s character, Ra€™s Al Ghul (who also appeared in Batman Begins), and that she takes the role of Miranda Tate, an ecologically minded businesswoman who €œis fascinated by Wayne Enterprises. They go through difficulties, and she wants to help provide the world clean energies. She€™s a good guy.€ But does she stay that way? €œYes,€ she insists.
Cotillard's interview with The Hollywood Reporter is in-depth and you should check it out HERE. So, Bat fans... has Marion Cotillard convinced you or do you feel, as I do, this is a weak attempt to swerve us to the truth. The Dark Knight Rises is due July 20th, 2012. Comments welcome...

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