THE DARK KNIGHT RISES UK Prologue Early - MI:4 Previews December 16th

We think anyway... it's not entirely clear.

Coming Soon have just published a story based on an IMAX Corporation press release that suggests Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is to receive an early internationally advanced preview on 200 screens before the film's Dec 16th release date in the US. According to the story, the first international MI:4 screening is taking place on Dec. 14th, which we previously heard would be at one IMAX screening in Sydney, Australia - though strangely Australia is not mentioned in the write-up. Then trying to work out what the actual dates for the rest of the world are, well it's not easy. The article is so unbelievably confusing that I'm not sure where to begin, so I'm just going to copy what they have printed;
IMAX Corporation and Paramount Pictures today announced that "Mission: Impossible €“ Ghost Protocol The IMAX Experience" will begin previews in IMAX on Friday, Dec. 16 , five days in advance of the film's North American wide release on Dec. 21 . Domestically, the film will open in approximately 300 IMAX® theatres and play through the film's run at the box office. Internationally, the Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol will open on approximately 200 IMAX screens beginning on Dec. 14 , with several markets receiving an early window release in IMAX ahead of their wide release, including six days in the Netherlands, five days in the UK, three days in France and Poland, two days in Korea, Spain and Taiwan, and one day in various other countries worldwide.
Does the article mean Mission: Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol is getting a release five days early in the UK from Dec 14th (the first International date) from Dec 16th (the U.S. IMAX preview release), Dec 21st (the previously speculated UK IMAX preview) or from Dec 26th (the UK wide release)? What I think it means (and I could be wrong because trying to deduce this cryptic message is an impossible task) is that Mission: Impossible 4 will receive it's IMAX preview on December 21st in the UK, five days before it goes wide on December 26th. I could be wrong but that seems to be the case. I asked Paramount for clarification this afternoon and the official word I got back seemed to back me up;
Exclusive in IMAX and selected cinemas on 21st December. At cinemas everywhere Boxing Day
So, we think, the earliest you will be able to see Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and also The Dark Knight Rises prologue in the UK is from December 21st and that will only be at select cinema showings. So that's that... I think. Best to check your local cinema listings and remember, The Dark Knight Rises prologue is only attached to 70mm IMAX screenings.

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