The Dark Tower Set Reveals First Look At Matthew McConaughey's Man In Black

Perfection, right down to the disgusting fingernails...

Dark Tower Man In Black

To expect a straight-up adaptation of The Dark Tower would be a fool's errand: Stephen King has already said the movie starts somewhere in the middle of his story and adapting something that grand purely simply wouldn't work cinematically. Unless you gave it a run-time of like a week.

But, the spirit of the text will be preserved, no matter how many creative liberties are taken (we know that it will at least partially borrow story elements from The Wolves Of Calla for instance). To that end, the first glimpses of Matthew McConaughey's Man In Black should prove to be tonic to fans of the original series, because he certainly looks the part (sporting some delightfully creepy long fingernails)...


There are more set photos at JustJared.

The Dark Tower was long considered unadaptable, or at least so difficult as to be a major impediment, but Nikolaj Arcel (the man behind The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) has taken up the task. And rather than actually adapting, there are hints that Arcel may actually be making a sequel of sorts that resolves Roland's perpetual failed attempts to get to the Tower (as per Stephen King's narrative hint recently...)


We've already of course seen Idris Elba in full garb as The Gunslinger too...


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The Dark Tower will see theatrical release in the U.S. on February 17th, 2017.


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