The Disaster Artist: 10 Biggest Book Omissions

The true story behind The Room is even weirder than you think.


Between the laugh-out-loud comedy, the serious, heartfelt moments, and James Franco's incredible performance as the enigmatic Tommy Wiseau, The Disaster Artist is a pretty good time.

The film is based on the book of the same name by Greg Sestero - Tommy's co-star in The Room and best friend - in which he describes in vivid detail the bizarre experience of both meeting Tommy and working on the infamous The Room.

Just like most films that are based on a book and/or based on a true story, the movie adaptation of The Disaster Artist definitely takes some liberties for the sake of storytelling. Some things were drastically changed, but other things were left out of the movie entirely.

In The Disaster Artists' case, some of the things that were left out were incredibly important to the real-life story. And while the Franco brothers managed to create a fantastic film with everything they did decide to include, there are certain things that happened you should also be aware of if you want the full story of how such a bizarre film like The Room came into existence.


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