The Disaster Artist Review: 8 Ups & 1 Down


1. It Feels A Bit Rushed At Times

The Disaster Artist James Franco Seth Rogen

Clocking in at just 104 minutes, The Disaster Artist is a fleet-footed film to the point that it even ends up feeling a little rushed.

Because the entirety of the film's first act is devoted to developing the friendship between Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero, and the final 20-or-so minutes are all about the release of the film, that leaves only about 40-or-so minutes for Franco to delve into the making of The Room, which is by far the film's funniest and most interesting material.

It's certainly one of the better complaints to have about a movie, that you wish it was longer, but including more scenes about the making of the film absolutely wouldn't have gone amiss.

But with that single complaint out of the way, here's everything that makes The Disaster Artist so damn great...


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