The Fate Of Every Member Of The Warriors

What happened to The Warriors after the credits rolled?

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'Warriors, come out to pla-ay.'

If the anthology of The Warriors has shown us anything, it's probably that you don't want to invite them to play. They proved their worth on the night that Cyrus was shot dead. With every gang in the city wanting their blood, they fought their way back to Coney Island. Heck, they even got retribution on Luther, the man who framed them. The credits rolled and our heroes strolled down the beach, watching the sun come up on a brand new day.

But what happened after that? This doesn't need to be an imaginative exercise. The story of The Warriors has been expanded through a subsequent video game and comic book. In this list, we're going to learn the fate of every major member of the Coney Island collective. Perhaps the ones who you thought died in the movie aren't even dead. You didn't see any bodies.

It's time to take a roll call of every Warrior who emerged with a pulse.

9. Cleon

Warriors group
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The co-founder of The Warriors alongside Vermin, Cleon doesn't see much action in the 1979 film. Luther shoots Cyrus dead and frames Cleon for it, resulting in him being ambushed by the Gramercy Riffs. The last we see of Cleon is when he's being swamped by a closing circle of vicious elbows. The implication is that he's beaten to death.

This is confirmed by the video game adaptation of The Warriors and the follow-up comic book Jailbreak. We get much more backstory on Cleon in the game, fleshing out his character to enlarge his stature. Jailbreak's only Cleon scene is a flashback in which he teaches Swan a lesson about never leaving another Warrior behind.

It's a shame that we didn't get to see more of his leopard-skin do-rag on the big screen.

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