The Golden Compass poster


The Golden Compass is looking to fill that huge fantasy flick hole we've had for four years now since The Return of the King stunned us all and completely own the genre probably for this generation. Early attempts to ride on that success with Narnia and Eragon both both failed miserably creatively although they were both profitable for their respective studio's when all was said and done.A look to this year's fantasy epic and can The Golden Compass finally give us a taste of what we have been missing out on? I've feared for some time that the flick was struggling to find it's own identity and these posters do nothing to give it that unique feel that this movie so desperately needs. The Golden Compass needs to feel fresh and original and personally this poster just feels like a hack job to me. Hopefully the movie won't turn out that way. Thanks to Cinematical for the heads-up. The Golden Compass is released on December 7th 2007.
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