The Green Goblin turns Vampire in Daybreakers

Daybreakers is probably the one I have my money on turning out the best. That's if I'm not including Dracula movies because if I was then there are several movies ahead of this but just for the sake of a pure vampire movie that doesn't involve Vlad the Impaler, this is the one that is showing the best promise. Already cast are Ethan Hawke and Sam Neill who are now joined by Willem Dafoe. The Spierg Brothers (Undead) are helming the movie which will see Hawke and Dafoe battle against each other as dueling vampires in a near future where everyone has turned to the darkside. I mean after all, since Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended there's been no-one around to slay them. It's kind of like I Am Legend, just without Will Smith's human character and now from the point of view of vampires. Anyone else think we set for a social metaphor movie with this flick? source - dark horizons, star pulse news

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