The Green Hornet gets Knocked Up! Seth Rogen writing and starring?

Seth Rogen is according to Variety, finalizing a deal to write and star in The Green Hornet, Columbia's big screen adaptation of the former 60's show that co-starred Bruce Lee as the sidekick Kato. An adaptation has been stuck in development for years now after so many failed attempts over the years which had names such as George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Eddie Murphy and Jake Gyllenhaal attached at various times. Do you begin to see the difference between those names mentioned above, and Seth Rogen's? I mean can anyone imagine Rogen as the 'Batman' esque crimefighter Brit Reid? Apart from the obvious weight difference, it's difficult to imagine Rogen as a man to be feared or taken seriously in a costume. What's going on with this project? As recently as 2005 it was Kevin Smith who was to write and direct this movie and now they have gone for Rogen? Now I'm a fan of the guy and everything but why do they keep going for the comedy route with this thing? Really confused about what they are trying to achieve with The Green Hornet and Rogen seems totally the wrong guy to me but we'll see. This obviously isn't going to be The Green Hornet movie I was imagining.

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