The Grinch: 10 Awesome Images You've Never Seen

As the calendar creeps quickly towards Christmas Day on the 25th of December, we€™re counting down the days with a special advent calendar of festive films, revealing a set of rare images for each chosen film to surprise and delight film fans. Today's offering comes from the warped, genius mind of Dr Seuss, celebrating the family spirit of Christmas in possibly the strangest way possible as the titular anti-hero makes plans to destroy Christmas for the inhabitants of Whoville, before he is touched by the Christmas spirit and eventually rescues it from himself. Since there are two classic versions of the story - the animated story featured famously in Home Alone, and the live action version starring a heavily disguised Jim Carrey - we're looking at both versions. Both are equally important, and though there will be much more focus on the Carrey version, the original 1966 animated version is an important part of the genesis of that movie, considering how closely Ron Howard's vision followed Chuck Jones art designs. So, here we go with ten awesome images from The Grinch you might not have seen...

10. Spidey Grinch Mash-Up

An excellent mash-up featuring the Grinch and Spiderman from the ridiculously talented Deadlydelmundo.

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