The Grinch Review: 3 Ups & 6 Downs

Jim Carrey did it better.

The Grinch

Christmas may be well over a month away, but because no studio wants their movie to get eaten alive in mid-December, early November has become an increasingly common window to start releasing holiday fare.

This year the Christmas movie season kicks off with The Grinch, adapted of course from Dr. Seuss' legendary book as previously made into a classic 1966 TV special and a divisive - but really pretty good - 2000 Jim Carrey-starring movie.

From Despicable Me's Illumination Entertainment, this new Grinch is pretty much exactly what you're expecting: a simple, shallow animation that's watchable and occasionally amusing, though you probably won't remember much of it in a week.

It'll keep the kids quiet for 90 minutes and it's less obnoxious than a lot of contemporary animations, though you'll most definitely end up wishing more effort was put into the script in particular.

If you're especially eager to get into the Christmas spirit, it does the basic job, but nothing more than that...


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