THE HANGOVER Part 2 - Four Things Right & Four Things Wrong About Thailand

A resident of Bangkok reveals what The Hangover sequel producers got right and wrong about Thailand...

With the release of The Hangover 2 on all manner of home consumption-style media this month, we are now all free to enjoy the sweaty, booze-and-drug fueled shenanigans of our favorite Wolf Pack in the comfort of our sweaty, booze-infused homes. Hooray! As a resident of Bangkok, I remember the buzz when it was announced that the sequel to the biggest R-rated comedy of all time would be filmed in my adopted city, as is the norm when any major Hollywood production comes to your town. Some shuddered at the thought, some thought it was a perfect match, but all were interested to see the final product. While Hangover 2 won

Greg Jorgensen hails from a wee town in mid-western Canada with a name that’s hard to pronounce and even harder to remember. After spending a few years in film school and learning how to lift heavy equipment for abusive producers, he ended up in Bangkok in 2001 where he currently lives, works and sleeps. Since then, he has worked as a corporate trainer, stand-up comedian, tour guide, proofreader and actor (usually playing a bad guy or a bodyguard that gets killed). These days he’s happy spending much of his time as a writer and fondly thinking about how many kilometers lie between him and a Canadian winter. His blog can be found at