THE HANGOVER PART II Teaser Trailer - Poor Justin Bartha

The sequel to the 2009 surprise box-office smash The Hangover just got a teaser trailer. How is it? For lack of a better word... it's teasing. In a world where the average movie trailer gives away every major plot point just short, if we're lucky, of rendering the purchasing of a ticket completely pointless, it's quite refreshing to see Warner Bros. take exactly the opposite route and release an ad so light on details that it has absolutely no impact upon its viewers. Bravo, Warner. Cue the apathetic applause. I suppose with the original so fresh in our minds, the movie is sold on the title alone and WB can cut back on the ads. The teaser above begins with some memorable critics quotes from the original, with Jay-Z's track 'Reminder' providing the mood, before we get a few glimpses at the film itself. The Hangover Part II, as it is now called, will see the original cast return for a trip to Bangkok for Stu's (Ed Helms) wedding. Fortunately for us things don't go quite to plan, and the original trio find themselves yet again caught up in a metaphorical shit-storm as they try to piece together the blurry goings-on of the previous night. The teaser reveals both Stu's incriminating Tyson-esque facial tattoo (Iron Mike will also be making a re-appearance) and Alan's (Zach Galifianakis) bold new haircut. The only real notable insight into the sequel granted to us by this trailer is the absence of original groom Doug (Justin Bartha), whose presumed kidnapping was the driving force behind the narrative of the last film. Surely Part II isn't going to mimic this plot point? Feel sorry for the actor, if so. Even though all signs point to this being a bit of a disappointment, but as a fan of the first Hangover, I hold out hope that the sequel is going to also take us by surprise. It's due for release in the US on Memorial Day (May 30th for us Anglo-Saxons), and you can expect it'll reach our shores at a similar time.
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