The Hardest A Nightmare On Elm Street Franchise Quiz On The Internet

One, two, the quiz is coming for you.

Freddy Krueger Nightmare On Elm Street
New Line Cinema

The success of A Nightmare on Elm Street was so huge that its production company, New Line Cinema, has long been regarded as the house that Freddy built.

The burnt-faced dream monster it featured, Freddy Krueger, also crazily became a titanic pop culture icon, even to kids.

The Nightmare on Elm Street movie franchise ran for seven movies, the last of which was a meta take on the stars of the first movie being haunted by Freddy. A spin-off versus battle with fellow slasher icon Jason followed, and then, a 2010 remake which made everyone think they were in a nightmare themselves watching it.

Though it's now been eleven years since the release of that poorly made remake, we can still fill our boots with the legendary movie series that preceded it. But how well do you know your Nightmare movies?

If you think you can quote all of Freddy's hilariously entertaining one-liners, then it's time for you to jump into the dreamscape of this Nightmare on Elm Street movie quiz that will test your nightmare knowledge to its very limits. Are you ready for Freddy?

1. After The First Nightmare Movie, Wes Craven Only Directed One More, Which One?


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