The HARDEST Lord Of The Rings Quotes Quiz On The Internet!

One quiz to find them, one quiz to bring them all and in the darkness bind them!

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I amar prestar aen.

In this age, you would have to go far beyond Middle Earth to find someone who hasn't heard at least a line of Elvish, or who doesn't know The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King - and rightly so.

Adapted from the many, many pages of JRR Tolkien's masterful saga, The Lord of the Rings follows the journey of four hobbits, two men, one elf, one dwarf and one wizard as they seek to return an evil ring of great power to the fires it was forged in.

With director Peter Jackson's vision, Tolkien's words and a world-class cast of acting talent, we were blessed in the early noughties with a near-flawless and as-yet unparalleled trilogy of high fantasy films. And, whether being muttered under the breath of Viggo Mortensen or spilling like Shakespeare from Ian McKellen, the dialogue (and its delivery) has stood the test of time.

This one will be tough for the casual fan and not a great deal easier for the Tolkien or Jackson devotees. But, if you keep your extended editions sharpened and ready for battle, you might just find glory at the end of this one quotes quiz to rule them all.

1. "Your Time Will Come. You Will Face The Same Evil, And You Will Defeat It."


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