The Hateful Eight: 8 Reasons To Be Excited

Quentin Tarentino's eighth film could be the best gift we receive this Christmas.

The most anticipated event of the coming festive period has nothing to do with egg nog, elves or tree lighting. It doesn't have anything to do with lightsabers or Jedis either (though that's all terribly exciting too). Because when a new Tarantino movie rolls into town, even jolly old Saint Nick and Luke Skywalker take a back seat. Thus far, everything we know so far about the Hateful Eight gives cause to believe that Quentin Tarantino's appropriately titled eighth film will be the brand of tour de force movie we've come to expect from the seasoned auteur. How rough to think that the post-Civil War epic was very nearly shelved before a single frame was even shot. Tarantino had given copies of the original script to actors Bruce Dern, Tim Roth and Madsen, and allegedly, one of the actors' agents leaked the script, so an enraged Quentin scrapped the film altogether while the Internet applauded his writing once again. After a cooling off period, the green light was back on, and the Hateful Eight will now have a limited release at Christmas, before the wide release January 8th. While a new Tarantino flick is always something to be excited about, we have eight reasons why you should grab a Big Kahuna burger (or Royale with cheese, if that's your bag), and get ready to spend your holidays with the Hateful Eight.

George is the co-founder of Box Office Gold Productions. He is an actor, writer, CrossFit trainer and former WWE storyline writer. He currently resides in the birthplace of the zombie movie, Pittsburgh, PA.