The Host sequel will begin production this fall

host_ver6.jpgLast year's Korean movie The Host wasn't as impressive as some of the films that have come out of the country in recent years but it was still a pretty damn fine film. Along with Pan's Labyrinth, there were no Western horror movies that came anywhere close to matching some of the scenes in either movies for their shear terror and exhilaration. The movie was a great success of course and with that brings questions of a sequel. I believe there are (or were) plans for a Hollywood remake over at Universal Studios but this is the first I've heard of a sequel to The Host made in it's own country. Sad news is Bong Joon-ho won't be returning for the movie but that's not the nail in the coffin for the franchise. Remember series' like the Alien franchise managed to survive with different directors, each one doing something completely different with the setup. For The Host sequel then, the same monster and the same budget of around $10 million will be used. The original was great but with a bit more work done it could have been fantastic. A director with fresh and original ideas might just bring it that golden touch. source - bloody disgusting
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