The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Banner Revealed

Hunger Games Lionsgate have stepped their marketing campaign for upcoming film Hunger Games: Catching Fire up a notch by releasing a new image of the "Victors" contesting the deadly Quarter Quell games, according to Empire Online. The second film in the popular trilogy again stars Jennifer Lawrence as "Katniss Everdeen", who has just returned home after, against the odds, winning the 74th annual Hunger Games following her treachery against the Capitol. The last time we saw Katniss, she had threatened to commit suicide with Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) only for the loved-up duo to be declared joint-winners of the games and apparently spared. But not all is as it seems and there is a frightening rebellion simmering in the districts as the people begin to believe they can stand up to the menacing President Snow (Donald Sutherland) following Katniss's show of defiance. Has our unwilling heroine inadvertently started a riot? In a bid to rid himself of Katniss once and for all, Catching Fire will see the diabolical President Snow announce The Quarter Quell €“ a competition that will pit past Victors of the Hunger Games together in a deathmatch that could change Panem forever. Katniss and Peeta will face the likes of Finnick (Sam Claflin), Beetee (Jeffrey Wright) and Johanna (Jena Malone) while the film again stars Woody Harrelson as Haymitch Abernathy. Who will win the corrupt Capitol€™s favour when all is said and done? Find out when Catching Fire hits cinemas on November 21. View the full-sized image of the new banner on the film's official site.
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