The Incredible Hoax Behind Jurassic Park You Always Thought Was True

1. International Genetics Incorporated Is A Lot Shadier Than You First Thought

Jurassic Park Lies

Let’s take a closer look at International Genetics Incorporated. We know it is a bioengineering start-up company created by John Hammond and his partner Benjamin Lockwood in the 1980s. The first research team included chief geneticist Dr. Wu, who would later go on to create the Indominus Rex and the Indoraptor. We also know that Benjamin Lockwood, scarred by the death of his daughter, sought to resurrect her in a fashion by cloning a genetic identical.

So why dinosaurs? How could they fit in with Lockwood’s ambitions?

Money. Money and, more importantly, cover. No government would consent to allow human testing, nor would it ever fund human cloning. But a heroic effort to bring back a species lost to extinction? The chance to study a whole new type of life, once thought lost to the ravages of time? That’s a far easier sell.

And you know what else is an easy sell? Tickets to see the *ahem* ‘’dinosaurs’’ once they were created. That’s more money for John Hammond, and more funding for Lockwood’s research into human cloning behind the scenes, to try and bring his daughter back. As for Wu, as we see through Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom, he just wants to genetically splice together creatures to his heart’s content. Selling them off as makeshift weapons? Well that’s just a great way to pay for further testing, and calling them dinosaurs just helps with the marketing. Who wouldn’t want to buy a dinosaur?

And so came to be the biggest con of the modern age. There never was any ‘Dino DNA’, no dinosaurs, no blood in that non-blood sucking mosquito. There was just a grieving father desperate to bring back his daughter, a scientist obsessed with playing god, and a businessman rich and clever enough to put together the right marketing package to let it all happen. InGen is a technological marvel; they are the architects of the genetic ‘big bang’, the people that perfected human cloning and created terrifying monsters. Their slogan is ‘We Make Your Future’. But dinosaurs are a thing of the past.

InGen never resurrected the titans of 65 million years ago. They might play God, but, at least for now, that’s one thing they cannot do.


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