THE INVENTION OF LYING trailers will premiere today at Yahoo Movies...

One of the best comedy scripts I've read in the past 12 months was for The Invention of Lying, the new Ricky Gervais movie which will premiere two trailers online today at Yahoo Movies. According to co-writer and director Matt Robinson, the U.S. will get the "domestic" trailer at 4:30PM PST and the U.K. will get the "international" trailer sometime before. The U.S. trailer has been cut by Warner Bros, the U.K. one by Universal... both with "different footage, music, everything", so it's going to be extremely fascinating to see how two different studios market the film to two different audiences. the-invention-of-lying I gotta tell you folks... no matter how hard you imagine it, you can't quite comprehend how clever a concept Gervais has stumbled across here. It's so much more than a story about a world where no-one lies... that's kind of an misdirection. What the movie really is a story where EVERYONE TELLS THE TRUTH ALL THE TIME, and it's wickedly funny. Gervais' characters goes out on a dinner date with his love interest Jennifer Garner, a girl so far out of his league and the conversation they have (she basically tells him she ain't gonna sleep with him and the reasons why) is drop dead hilarious. Look out for both trailers today and link to them in comments if you spot them before we do! While I'm here, the first review of The Invention of Lying (Sept 25th in the U.S., October 2nd in the U.K.) has hit the web and it's his good friend J.J. Abrams of all people who has seen it. His review is glowing...

Ricky Gervais proves, once again, that he is the master. Not only of comedy, but social commentary. 'The Invention of Lying' is as funny as it is biting, wholly original, and surprisingly moving. Is there such thing as an important comedy? Turns out there is, and this is it. If you're still reading this, you should stop immediately and go see 'The Invention of Lying!'"
Well mate I would, but the film ain't out for another couple of months just yet. DOH! If that wasn't enough, I hope you have been checking out the Ricky Gervais blog, where the funnyman has daily kept us updated on how filming is going down for his new movie Cemetery Junction. Here's a pick of the bunch of photo's so far... tsott_cj_thisiscjtsott_cj_lentaylor2tsott_cj_lentaylor1

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