The Irishman Review: 10 Ups & 1 Down

Scorsese delivers another all-timer instant classic.

The Irishman Joe Pesci Robert De Niro Al Pacino

This year's London Film Festival hosted Martin Scorsese's The Irishman as its closing night film, and it's tough to imagine a bigger or more anxiously anticipated film to close the festival up.

The hype has been steadily building for Scorsese's latest mob epic since its premiere at the New York Film Festival late last month, with the film holding universal acclaim from critics at the time of press.

But far from being overblown hyperbole, everything you've heard about The Irishman being an instant classic of American filmmaking and one of the director's strongest ever efforts is totally true.

Despite there being so many obvious elements which could've led to an overblown mess of a movie, Scorsese keeps his winning streak firmly in tact with an absurdly entertaining crime masterpiece that excels in every way which a great film must.

Naturally, The Irishman's going to be a mighty Oscar prospect moving forward, with nominations likely in almost every category it's eligible for.

And thankfully general audiences don't have too long to wait, as it will be receiving a limited theatrical release in early November before dropping worldwide on Netflix on November 27th...

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