The John Carpenter Movie Quiz You'll Never Get 100% On

From Halloween to The Thing and beyond, how well do you know the Master of Horror?

John Carpenter Movies
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John Carpenter is an indie movie darling.

Starting out with his extremely low budget Dark Star, he would go on to find huge success a mere four years later with the arrival of one of cinema's most infamous and popular slashers with Halloween.

His career since then has seen some highs, and many lows, and more box office bombs than you realise. Despite the difficulties some of his movies initially faced on the financial front, many, if not most, have gone on to become cult classics and ingrained within pop culture.

Though his movies are widely enjoyed today, perhaps Carpenter's greatest legacy is his influence on a whole generation of new filmmakers - as well as a couple albums full of wonderful, synth-tastic music. He may not have directed a movie since 2010, but Carpenter is both a legend and a Master of Horror.

With such a wide array of iconic and well-loved movies under his belt, it would be easy to assume you might know everything about them already. However, this quiz will prove you wrong, because the chances of you getting 100% are slim. Unless you think you're the biggest John Carpenter fan going... then you might have a chance.


1. How Many Halloween Movies Did John Carpenter Direct?






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