The Kevin Smith Movie Quiz You'll Never Get 100% On

Take this Snoochie Boochie quiz to prove your View Askewniverse knowledge.

Kevin Smith poses for a portrait to promote the film,
Miramax Film

Kevin Smith has had a rollercoaster of a filmmaking career thus far.

He exploded onto the scene with his independent movie Clerks back in 1994, becoming a hot commodity overnight. Anticipation for his follow-up was high, but Mallrats failed to deliver financially before going on to become a cult classic. This one-two step marks a familiar trend throughout his largely successful movie-making adventure.

He's a director capable of making something special like Chasing Amy or Red State, but somehow can also churn out Yoga Hosers, a movie you still can't believe exists.

What's followed Smith's career is a growing and ardent fan base who've found characters they can relate to, laugh at, and loathe. It's a fanbase that have sat through the misery of Jersey Girl only to be surprised by the awfully under-appreciated Zack & Miri Make A Porno, and we're a passionate bunch.

Since you have found yourself here, you're probably one of them, but how big a fan of Kevin Smith's movies are you? It's time to put your knowledge to the test with this quiz that covers movies throughout his whole career.

1. What Is The Name Of The Store In Which Dante Works?


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