The Last Stand: 6 Reasons To Be Excited

The-Last-Stand-Poster-600x300 It's been a long time since Arnold Schwarzenegger has played the leading man in a movie. He's had a long break due to boring political distractions (possibly trying to fulfill the prophecy of Stallone's Demolition Man, in which Schwarzenegger became President of the United States) but suddenly burst back on the silver screen with a the briefest cameo possible in action hero mash-up The Expendables. This was followed by a longer (but still brief) cameo in the sequel, The Expendables 2, last year. From his work in franchises like Conan and The Terminator, though, to his later work on disposable projects like End of Days and Collateral Damage, we've embraced Arnie with open arm. Some say he's a cheesy non-actor and they might be right: but we think cheesy and awesome would be more precise. In the upcoming action flick The Last Stand, Arnie is Sheriff Owens of Summerton Junction, a quiet border town where nothing really happens. Life looks set to be turned upside down when a drugs cartel break their leader out of custody and head straight for this sleepy-back water land, where Arnie and company are settled into a life of mediocrity. So what happens? Well, our aging muscular hero must dust of his jacket and get ready to rattle some cages. 2013 is looking, then, to be a kind of revival year with The Last Stand heading to theatres in a matter of days. To celebrate here's a rundown of 6 reasons why we're wetting our pants in anticipation for the long-awaited feature return of our favourite Last Action Hero.

6. Ludicrous Over The Top Action

Just from the trailer alone we can gather that there is going to be some kick ass car chase sequences. We see a road block being smashed apart and some kind of super car breaking land speed records, whilst flipping over the side of a road. This is all very classic Arnie. The trailers gives a glimpse of guns of all calibers and sizes, a hand full of awesome explosions and Arnie throwing himself through a door and quipping at the other end in classic Arnie style. The semi-traditional appearance of the mini-gun is very much appreciated too. Considering his age Arnie looks like he can still throw himself around - thanks of course to plenty of stunt doubles - which looks great on camera.

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