The Little Mermaid: 8 PERFECT Choices To Complete The Cast

We know who the little mermaid herself is, but just who might be joining Halle Bailey?


The Little Mermaid might have only officially cast its star Halle Bailey so far, but it’s already generating press coverage and controversy. Parking the colourblind casting debate for now, let’s examine some of the other potential cast members.

There are a few rumours of who may be joining Bailey, and while they’ll be mentioned and discussed, they won’t necessarily be the ones to get the nod; just because Disney likes them for the role doesn’t automatically mean they seem perfect for it.

It’s important to remember that rumours of stars being ‘in talks’ can be misleading; for a long time Ariel was though to be a two horse race between Zendaya and Chloe Moretz, which turned out to be nonsense.

With that in mind, hypothetically every role bar Ariel is up for grabs, no matter who Disney may allegedly have pencilled in for other roles.

Disney have sometimes looked to relative unknowns to carry their live action remakes too, such as Bailey herself, but they’re not against casting stars. Emma Watson, Lily James, Will Smith and Michael Keaton have all featured recently, and it’s fun to imaging The Little Mermaid will be packed with A-Listers too.


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