THE LONE RANGER Official Logo Revealed

Here's an official, early logo for Walt Disney's The Lone Ranger, the tentpole adventure/comedy that reunites the major Pirates of the Caribbean players - director Gore Verbinksi, lead star Johnny Depp, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and writers Ted Rossio and Ted Elliott (though the most recent draft is credited to Revolutionary Road writer Justin Haythe). Curiously Disney have dropped 'the' from the title logo which appears in black-and-white (are they trying to evoke some nostalgia for the early t.v. show?) but there's a fully colourful one on Jerry Bruckheimer's new official website, as spotted by Bleeding Cool. One wonders why that wasn't chosen as the marquee image? It's still early days but I'm quite excited for The Lone Ranger. Seriously. Before Rossio, Elliott, Verbinski & Depp realised they had a billion dollar franchise in POTC, they put together an exhiliarting screenplay that revived a forgotten genre, had a bunch of originality, some terrific, outlandish characters, was entertaining as hell and didn't pander to a young audience despite being based on a Disney theme park ride. Here's hoping for the same, adult minded adventure here. More "The Curse of the Black Pearl" than "Dead Man's Chest" & "On Stranger Tides". Of course, Depp plays the sidekick Tonto but the title role has yet to be cast.
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