The Lord Of The Rings Or Game Of Thrones Quiz: Who Said It - Samwise Or Samwell?

Which Sam said what?

The Lord Of The Rings Game Of Thrones Quiz
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Samwise Gamgee and Samwell Tarly are similar in name and appearance, which sometimes causes people to confuse the two. On top of that, they possess a number of qualities that reflect each other - their loyalty to friends and their desire to always do the right thing, just to name a few.

Despite being alike in some ways, the two Sams have a lot of differences that set them apart. Samwise from The Lord of the Rings is a Hobbit and is therefore small in stature. But, he is as brave as a massive warrior. He loves poetry, nature, and the magic of Elves, but he isn't the most learned individual. Samwell Tarly on the other hand is shy and cowardly, but loves to read and is a bright young man.

Although they have a good number of unique characteristics, it's not always easy to tell the two apart in terms of what they say. Only the most devoted fans can tell the difference. How well do you remember the things Samwise and Samwell have said? Test your knowledge by correctly matching the character to the quote.

1. "Of Course You Are. And I'm Coming With You!"


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