The Lord Of The Rings Quiz: Can You Match The Gandalf Quote To The Movie?

How well do you remember Gandalf the Grey?

The Lord of the Rings Gandalf
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It's very rare for movies or television shows to leave a lasting impressing and leave us feeling rather disappointed with our day-to-day, boring lives. We all want to feel as brave as Samwise Gamgee or as thoughtful as Frodo Baggins. Yes, we are of course talking about the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Who hasn't at one point over the last twenty years wanted to feel as big and as wise as Gandalf the Grey? Nobody, that's who! Gandalf has more wisdom in his little finger than most people, or Hobbits of course, has in their entire body. He is the most knowledgeable being in Middle-Earth and is loved by so many. But how well do you really know him?

The following fifteen quotes have been taken from the Lord of the Rings trilogy of movies. All you have to do is match the quote to the movie. Sounds pretty easy, right? Well let's find out. Are you Gandalf's biggest fan? Prove it by scoring full marks on this Gandalf the Grey quotes quiz.

1. "All We Have To Decide Is What To Do With The Time That Is Given Us.”


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