The Lord Of The Rings Quiz: Can You Match The Samwise Gamgee Scene To The Movie?

You'll never score 100% on this quiz!

The Lord of the Rings Return of the King
New Line Cinema

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a true masterpiece of cinema, and today we want to test your knowledge on just how well you remember it.

The following scenes have been taken from one of the three Lord of the Rings movies, and all you have to do is guess which movie they belong to. To make the quiz a little more difficult, we have only included scenes that involve the wonderful Samwise Gamgee.

Fans of the trilogy often consider Sam as the true hero, as opposed to Frodo. He is seen to be the one who sacrificed the most. He was brave, and put the needs of others before himself. Lord of the Rings wasn't just a story of good vs evil, it was a story of true friendship. Frodo and Sam shared some incredible scenes during their journey, but the question is, how well do you remember them?

Do you call yourself the ultimate Lord of the Rings fan? Let's find out and see if you can ace this quiz!

1. Which Movie Is This Scene From?


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