The Lord Of The Rings Quiz: Which Hobbit Said It?

Can you tell the Shire-folk apart?

The Lord of the Rings Hobbits
New Line Cinema

There's a lot to love and admire about the Hobbits of the Shire. Despite their small stature, they are a hardy folk and have a taste for the simple things in life: peace and quiet, food, and nature as well. Gandalf was right when he said Hobbits were amazing creatures.

The four Hobbits within the Fellowship of the Ring are especially extraordinary; their unique personalities made each of them a great addition to the group. Their bravery, humor, and loyalty - among other qualities - were instrumental in the Fellowship finding success in their quest to destroy the One Ring.

The Shire-folk made up almost half of the Fellowship, so it is no surprise that a good chunk of the dialogue in all three films came out of one of their mouths. What's difficult, however, is remembering which one said what. Only the most devoted fans will be able to know the difference. This is your chance to prove just how well you know each one.

For each question, correctly pick whether the line was spoken by Frodo, Sam, Merry, or Pippin. Do you think you know the trilogy well enough to pick out which character delivered each line? There's only one way to find out!

1. "It's A Pity Bilbo Didn't Kill Him When He Had The Chance."


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