The Lord Of The Rings Quiz: Whose Line Is It?

You ride to war, but not to victory.

lord of the rings gandalf
New Line Cinema

To this day, The Lord of the Rings trilogy remains one of the greatest fantasy productions ever made. The movies hold up remarkably well even though they were filmed over twenty years ago. It's likely that there will never be a fantasy film series that reshapes the genre as fundamentally as Peter Jackson's trilogy did. Everything from the production design, to the cinematography, to the music score, and all things in between were of the highest quality.

One of the most significant aspects of the movies were their well written dialogue. It seems like almost every character had a least one moment to shine by delivering a thought-provoking monologue, a clever one-liner, or an intense statement that causes goosebumps. While there are many memorable quotes, not all of them are easy to remember. Some lines appear to merely drive the plot forward or help explain unclear situations.

Here is your chance to see just how well you remember the lines from all three movies, both well known and obscure. Test your knowledge by correctly matching each quote with the character that spoke the line.

1. "Even The Smallest Person Can Change The Course Of The Future."


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