The Lord Of The Rings: You'll Never Get 100% On This Samwise Gamgee Quiz

How well do you know the real MVP of Lord of the Rings!

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Every viewer who watched Lord of the Rings knew that Frodo was the protagonist. It was his story being told, as he was the one who inherited The Ring and set off on the journey to destroy it. This is undeniably true, but just because it's his story doesn't mean he's the hero.

Fans of the trilogy have often pointed towards the ever-faithful Samwise Gamgee as the movies real hero, as he was the one who sacrificed the most, worked the hardest and acted the bravest. This was something that Tolkien intended to reflect in his original tale, and it's safe to say that it was translated well to screen.

Lord of the Rings is a story that inherently focusses on the triumph of good over evil. Still, more than that, it's a tale about friendship, and this was a characteristic that Sean Astin brought to the forefront of his performance.

The trilogy is filled to the brim with lore and trivia, and it's only fair to use this quiz as a chance to shine the largest spotlight possible on the real hero of the series, the humble gardener turned saviour of Middle-Earth, Samwise Gamgee.

Answers at the end!

1. What Food Does Sam Reference At The Peak Of Mount Doom?


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