THE LOW DWELLER is Scott & DiCaprio's next feature?

Scott & DiCaprio looking to film this avenge thriller quickly.

This is kind of an update on last week's story of an insurance salesman who sold his first Hollywood script for big money to Relativity Media which soon attracted both Ridley Scott & Leonardo DiCaprio who were ambitious to get filming underway. It turns out the guy was a 27 year old AFI grad who was still living with his parents and working for his father's insurance business in Pennsylvania. On Thursday Brad Inglesby became a rich man and no doubt quit his day job with great prospects to begin a career as a Hollywood screenwriter. The trades say Scott & DiCaprio are pushing this to be filmed VERY soon, possibly even before the SAG strike in June which really will be cutting it fine as DiCaprio has just finished Body of Lies with Scott and is to move onto Scorsese's Shutter Island soon. It's ambitiously suggested it could be filmed and wrapped in just 35 days.

More detailed plot details for The Low Dweller, courtesy of Variety...
Plan is for DiCaprio to play Slim, a man released after serving years in prison for murder who wants only to follow through on his promise to marry his long-suffering girlfriend. But when he discovers his brother has been murdered after getting involved in a gambling racket, he feels obliged to avenge the murder.
The original story in the trades said the film was set in 1980's Indiana. Sounds cool. We really are still suffering (is that the word when these talents come together?) from the strike and it's pretty fascinating that Ridley Scott, Michael Mann and Martin Scorsese - three veterans who we usually talk about in the same kind of breath have all found and pushed through quickly different projects than they were expecting. Scorsese is shooting Shutter Island with Leo, when he originally wanted to do The Wolf of Wall Street with him first but the script wasn't ready. Mann swooped on the opportunity to direct Johnny Depp in Public Enemies when several other projects for the actor were delayed and he became available. And now Scott looks to have put Nottingham on hold so he can rush straight into this flick and get it shot quickly. All the projects sound good though. I hope all three of these veterans keep up this kind of hungary work ethic for years and years to come.

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