The Matrix 4: 9 Things Need To Happen

Is it worth jacking back into the Matrix again? Only if these changes are made...

The Matrix 4 The Matrix Revolutions was pants. Audiences knew it, critics knew it, and if the crew behind the film had any sense, they knew it too. Over the course of the trilogy, it seems the Wachowski siblings increasingly lost sight of what made the first film so memorable to fans of the first film. Instead of treating us with deep, interesting, philosophical and existential questions about human existence like in the first (and arguably the second) film, Revolutions went off the rails and focused almost entirely on war scenes that bloated the running time of a film that forgot about the point it was trying to make. Rumours have persisted ever since the release of Revolutions that the Wachowski's would make a return to the series that made them famous, but what exactly a Matrix 4 would be about is largely anyone's guess. For a reboot to succeed, certain changes are necessary to warrant a return to the virtual reality world of the Matrix. Should the narrative explore the very beginning of the machines and how they gained sentience, or should it focus on events following Revolutions, with the human race attempting to restore its civilization above ground? What about the characters? With the Neo/Smith storyline concluded at the end of Revolutions, is there any reason or need to bring their characters back? All of these questions and more are explored below. Check it out, and see if these changes are ones you'd love to see yourselves.

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