The Matrix 4 To Feature A Young Morpheus?

Warner Bros. looking to cast a young version of the character made famous by Laurence Fishburne.

Warner Bros

With the news out that not only is a fourth Matrix movie on the way, but that Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Lana Wachowski are returning, many have been wondering whether Laurence Fishburne will be back in action as Morpheus.

On that front, Variety’s Justin Kroll is reporting that Morpheus will indeed be back – just not as we know it.


If we gloss over Kroll’s misspelling of Morpheus there - which he was quick to correct himself on - the usually reliable source claims that this fourth Matrix offering will actually feature a young version of Morpheus.

The leader of the human resistance, Morpheus was the only one of the franchise’s core trio to actually be left alive by the time The Matrix: Revelations brought the original trilogy to a close back in 2003.


Many are already scratching their heads at just how the totally-dead Neo and Trinity will be brought back to life for The Matrix 4, yet it would make perfect sense for Fishburne's Morpheus to be a part of the film. Instead, it looks as if we’ll be getting a younger take on the character.

Then again, it could well be that a young Morpheus may be required simply for flashbacks or for a particular plot point – with Laurence Fishburne once again to play the ‘present’ version of the character.

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