The Matrix Quiz - True Or False?

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It's still tough to believe that a fourth Matrix film is actually, definitely happening, with casting announcements now coming thick and fast, while production is likely to ramp up sometime next year.

But on the other hand, The Matrix franchise is such an iconic, mammoth IP that it was really just a matter of time before Hollywood returned to it, and despite how divisive the sequels Reloaded and Revolutions were, the trilogy is nevertheless a highly engrossing slice of creative sci-fi insanity.

And so, it's time to test the full extent of your Matrix fandom with this "true or false?" quiz, getting into the nerdy nitty-gritty and separating the super-fans from the casuals.

If you bothered to catch The Matrix on its recent theatrical re-release then you'll have a sure leg-up, but if you've not watched the sequels lately, you might struggle to nail that elusive 100% score.

You'll need a keen eye and sharp memory to ace this quiz, and the answers are at the end as usual, so good luck!...

1. Neo's Real Name Is Timothy Anderson


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