The Matrix Theory: The Oracle Told Cypher To Turn On Morpheus

What if I told you it's what the Oracle wanted him to do all along....

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It’s been nearly 21 years since The Matrix came out and the internet is still going on about possible hidden twists inside the Mobius strip of a film the Wachowskis crafted. One such theory floating around concerns the relationships between Morpheus, Trinity, the Oracle, and Cypher all before Neo even entered the picture.

Of course the series’ most memorable villain is the menacing Agent Smith. But if you remember the original film also had a secondary villain, none other than Morpheus’s crew member, Cypher, who turns on the good guys by giving the agents their location when they go back into the Matrix.

A pretty shifty-looking character, rat-like with that long soul patch and mustache, it was pretty obvious from the first time we met him that Cypher was not completely on board with this whole “freedom fighter” thing. Then over swigs of dystopian hooch he tells Neo, "I know what you're thinking, 'cause right now I'm thinking the same thing. Actually, I've been thinking it ever since I got here. Why, oh why didn't I take the blue pill?"

So what led Cypher to feel this way?

What made him decide to turn against the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar?

Well here’s a little theory for you: What if I told you it's what the Oracle wanted him to do all along....

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