The Most Excellent Bill & Ted Movie Quiz

Do you know your Bogus Journey from your Excellent Adventure?

Bill And Ted Face The Music
Warner Bros

Who would have thought that Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure would be the beginning of a most bodacious movie trilogy? The two loveable slackers who are more interested in music than their education won our hearts across the course of three features.

Their time travel escapades and goofy hijinks took them to hell and back, via heaven, and they've taught the world to be excellent to one another.

One of the most endearing factors of the Bill & Ted movies is that its perfect light-hearted comedy material is suitable for people of all ages, allowing them to be passed down to younger generations.

Interest in their journey was so pent up that the sequel, Bill & Ted Face the Music, arrived 29 years after the first movie appeared on the silver screen, and largely driven by nostalgia. But how well do you remember all three movies? How far does your nostalgia stretch?

It's time to put your knowledge to the test with this most excellent Bill & Ted movie quiz. No time travel is allowed to get your answers, and you can't call on Rufus to give you a helping hand.

1. What Is The Name Of The Town In Which Bill And Ted Live?


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