The Mummy Returns.............AGAIN!!!

10103936.jpgWhen I saw Brendan Fraser last year in the movie Crash I thought "Oh yeah, I remember that guy". I had totally forgotten about him. The guy had done nothing else since The Mummy Returns in 2001 and I thought to myself that if I was his agent I would push for them to make another Mummy movie because he is need of a serious hit! Well would you believe it, the news today is that Fraser has signed on to reprise his role of Rick O'Connell in the third installment of The Mummy. According to where the story broke, Stephen Sommers the writer/director of the first two movies won't be returning and Hidalgo director Joe Johnston has been offered the job of helming the flick. I really loved the first movie (and the original universal horror movie that it was unofficially a remake of!) but I wasn't very keen on the sequel. I'm happy to see the franchise return as long as it doesn't get to campy like the sequel did and maybe it's time to introduce a new bad ass villain for this third pic? No word yet on whether any more of the original cast will return, but shooting is already scheduled to begin early next year. source - tmz, coming soon
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